How to choose the right size chandelier for your dining table.


How do you make sure your chandelier is the right size? Proper sizing is key for kitchens, dining rooms, or any space where your chandelier is the focal point.

A good place to start is with the bottom of the chandelier. When in a kitchen or dining room, it should either be about 5 feet off the floor or 24 to 36 inches above your table. However, it can be subjective since table size, room size and the feel of your chandelier may affect how low you want it. A more delicate chandelier looks best lower, while a heavier or bulkier chandelier will look best higher.

Width can also be subjective, but aim for a chandelier that is 6" narrower than the smallest side of the table.

While picking the perfect style and size can be difficult, our experts at Lighttrends are ready to help, with over thousands of chandeliers to choose from and many years of experience. Live Chat us now to find your next lighting centerpiece.

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